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Spring is Sprung

and Fi is not trekking machu picchu

sunny 20 °C

Shane & I decided to go for a walk in Cornwall Park on Saturday afternoon as it was a lovely spring day and I needed to try out my new hiking/travel sandles & the new digi camera! And my decision to take the train up to Aqua Calientes still stands... no it was quite a nice walk to the top of One Tree Hill, but I'm no hiker!! We ran into a ewe who had twin lambs only a day or so old, plenty of tourists, a mad guy go-carting down the hill @ pace, and some nice scenery. So here are the first photo's with my new camera.

Picture 003.jpg
Spring Flowers

Picture 002.jpg
Lambing Season

Picture 001.jpg
My brother Shane

Picture 004.jpg
One Tree Hill, Cornwall Park

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Get your sh*t together woman 6

Decision overload

sunny 15 °C

Well here it is another weekend rolled around again.. had a fabulous weekend with Salli & Tony in Nelson last weekend (thanks for putting up with all those shops Tony) Arrived around 9pm so it was well passed Sauvignon Blanc time, neither of us seem to have lost any skill there though!! Gossiping galore, with Tony probably thanking his lucky stars that we both smoke & were outside for at least some of the night to give his ears a rest... got up & went to the markets on Sat morning with me curbing the desire to buy, buy, buy.. well Shane got some chutney's

Bit of a drive around the countryside, a mall, a few other arty shops, Prenzel Liqueur tasting (Mmmmmmm), Seifreid Estate & Grape Escape for some wine tasting.. splendid stuff, Fish & Chips for tea & curling up on the couch like Nana's (which I quite enjoyed, having been out every weekend for the last 5mths..) oh & watching the All Blacks kick some Aussie ass of course:-)

Lunch at a nice pub out in Stoke with Jean (Sal's Mum) on Sunday & visits to Kirsten and then Ross (her Dad) for a well deserved glass or 2 of Red wine.. & a catch up. Then home for Pina Colada's & Strawberry Daquiri's & a Chicken Roast for dinner.. none of which was too foul!

Aaaghh but then it was back to Auckland & back to work.. but yippee, not for long now! And oh so many decisions to make.. when to leave, what to do with my stuff, how much money am I going to need, do I want to go Sth in Chile or just Nth, where to fly with the internal flights in Nth America & Europe, not to mention that I haven't even contemplated the Asia part of it yet! Oh well, we Saggitarian's are renowned for the adventure of a spontaneous decision!

Thank God its Friday & I'm going home to relax over a bottle of Sav!

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Get your sh*t together woman 5

It's a happening thing...

sunny 16 °C


I have finally done it, I've resigned from my job:-) 5th Sept is the last working day, if not before... Now I'm scared, excited, nervous, excited & Happy! I really should have slapped myself a bit sooner & done it, hindsight is a wonderful thing, when you think what the hell was I waiting for.

To make the week even better, I am off to visit my best friend Salli in Nelson tonight for 3 days.. excellent.. have heaps to catch up on.. & lots of good food & wine to be consumed! Nelson is a lovely town at the top of the Sth Island that I haven't visited for about 4 years (bad nona) it has wonderful seafood, wine, beer, arts, crafts & people, so really looking forward to seeing the growth. Will have to curb the spending at the fabulous Saturday market though, now that I'm going to be an unemployed bum travelling the world - god that sounds good!

Adios por ahora Amigo's

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Get your sh*t together Woman 4

Need holiday NOW

sunny 14 °C

Well here we are again at the end of another week, & what a horrible week it was too! I really need a holiday!!

In a few minutes I'm off home to crack a bottle of Sav with my name on it.. Shane (my brother) kindly rang me a couple of hours ago to say he was already home & having a cold bevvy in the Sun.. that's the one good thing about this week, Spring has started rather well here in Auckland & the sun has been out every day, still cold at night but its a start.

Oh actually there are 2 good things 2nd being the new pair of Boots I brought yesterday (boots to me are like chocolate is to CC..), afraid so, totally addicted! Anyway, they are Lilac Cowgirl boots & I love them already:-) Good fit, comfortable, on sale & look great with a pair of jeans.. what more could a girl want in life! Well, until the Trip & the tall dark rich handsome stranger come to fruition anyway..

Have an interesting evening ahead 2moro night, my little sister went to NY about 6 weeks ago to work at a summer camp - well, she's been expelled & arrives home in the a.m!!! Can't wait for that story, I have been giggling all week just thinking about it. I'm sure Lesley (her mum) is as well, not sure about Dad though - he he! Still, it was all part of the adventure, I say..

Have been looking at the finance's & trying to decide on a date to book my ticket for.. and I have to admit that it is Me lagging, due to the fear & insecurity of travelling alone rather than the funds! I know, I just need to slap myself & get over it. The visit to Salli in Nelson next weekend will help enormously.. the fear thing not the funds, those will be knocked around considerably by the Sav consumption I would think.. and Yippee its only a week to go!

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Get your sh*t together woman3

We like weekends..

overcast 14 °C

Yay, its that time of the week again, its Friday & I have 2 days off work.. has been a very long week this week as I was off with a virus all of the last! Mended now though, well except for the Walrus that keeps following me around (my cough).

Had some excellent news about the RTW ticket.. I had asked if I could use 2 of the internal flights in SthAm to go to Easter Island & had been told NO, but, it turns out that I can. I'm so stoked at that & will definately be taking a trip to see those fabulous stone Moai now.

Anyway must go as I have to go over to Newmarket to see if I can pick up some contact lenses for the weekend... I lost my glasses last weekend #%$* it! (yeah yeah Salli I know). Wasn't budgeting a new pair before the trip as I had already had some sunglasses made.. but bugger it, seeing as I only need them for distance, driving is a bit of a mare at the moment especially when its night & raining:-(

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